February 3, 2014


One week ago on January 25th we posted an update on SuperKenny.org that talked about the persistence of Kenny’s cancer and its resistance to treatment, reviewed the symptoms that are negatively impacting his daily living, and mentioned new treatment options that were being considered.  In the days following the Jan 25th post, Kenny’s insomnia, loss of short term memory, confusion and anxiety not only persisted, but seemed to get worse.  With much thought and angst, Kenny and family decided to transition to hospice care.  What this means is that we are shifting our attention away from active cancer killing treatments in favor of treatments and support designed to preserve and enhance the quality of Kenny’s life.  Hospice is not an irreversible decision.  Assuming we can get a handle on current symptoms and identify a treatment that offers potential survival benefits while preserving the quality of Kenny’s life,  there is a possibility active cancer treatment can be resumed.

Health care and quality of life discussions have been complicated by Kenny’s almost complete loss of short term memory.  He continues to make his own decisions with input from providers, family and friends, but he is constantly challenged to remember what decisions have been made and the reasons for those decisions.  In one way it has been a blessing in that Kenny is not constantly pre-occupied with questions of his mortality, and is able to enjoy a reasonable quality of life.  In another way it creates a significant problem for Kenny in directing his own care.  A good example of this is his difficulty in managing insomnia related to fluid intake and urinary frequency.  For reasons yet to be explained (but most likely due to the location of the tumors), Kenny experiences unusual thirst which drives much higher than normal fluid intake leading to urinary frequency.  Attempts at limiting fluid intake in the evening leading up to bedtime and through the night have failed because Kenny does not remember why he needs to limit intake.  If he is reminded of the reason for the fluid restriction at the point of intake he understands and responds appropriately, but 10 minutes later he will be back in the kitchen filling his water glass.  The end result is very little sleep; which could also be one of the causes of his nighttime confusion and disorientation issues.

For those who may be wondering, Kenny reviewed this update prior to posting as he has done for all previous postings.  Kenny continues to direct his care with help from his medical team and family members.  Reviewing these updates reinforces his control over these decisions while serving as an ongoing reminder of critical issues.

As always, we thank you all for your support whether it comes in the form of a visit, an email or text from half way around the world, or a post on face book.  Your good thoughts, well wishes and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Brooke Fellows Reply
    I am praying for you every day Kenny. I am praying for the best possible outcome and I am praying for your comfort. For the moments that make you smile that fabulous smile of yours. Hang in there and know how loved you are by me (of course) and your San Diego Ladies (Kerri, Stacy, Cassie, Renee!) Love, Brooke
  2. Patti D. Reply
    God bless and much prayers from somewhere in SWFL. Hoping/praying for a restful night for all.
  3. Kaitlin Reply
    Hugs, hugs, and more hugs to you, Kenny!!! xoxo
  4. Giedyan Grefrath Reply
    Kenny, I'm praying for you every day.Wish I could do more for you. Reading your "Super Kenny" gave me a lot of inspiration. Not only in my daily life at home but also at my work (as a nurse at a unit with mostly cancer patients) You're amazing the way you keep up the fight and share everything with everyone. From the other side of the world I'll send you a lot of hugs love and strenght. Not only for you but also for everyone who's talking care and supporting you through this challenging time. Love always Giedyan
  5. Mary Lounsbury Reply
    Hang in there, Kenny! All of your Riverside friends have your back and are routing for you! One step at a time.....you can do it!!
  6. Presley Reply
    Keep fighting Kenny we're all routing for you and thinking about you.
  7. Debbie Howard Reply
    My friend Veronica and I, know you Kenny from coming into Capri Blue. Since hearing the news from Greg we have been thinking of you and praying for you constantly. You are such a special soul and what a gift it is, to have met you. Your smile says it all! We will continue praying for you, hang in there and "just go with the flow." God Bless you and your family, We Love you, Debbie and Veronica!
  8. Aleia Ramsey Reply
    Kenny! I'm sending lots of Afro love and prayers your way! Big hugs!!! A lei lei
  9. Gail Ruwe Reply
    Praying for you, Kenny, and for your family. I pray that you find peace and comfort in the love you are surrounded by.
  10. Kami Teters Reply
    Kenny.. Loved seeing you at Capri Blue when I lived in Cali..they dont have such an awesome place here in Minnesota..its really hard to find a good espresso martini! Greg let me know about your journey and I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know to "Keep Fighting the Fight". Sending smiles and prayers to you and your family. Kami
  11. Marissa Jaques Reply
    Hey Kenny its your buddy marissa from the treatment center.. just sending positive energy to you andyour family. Its people like you who help me not give up at work and work harder. Seeing you and your mom Merrill ( and if I was lucky drew ) always gave me extra strength to keep going. If you guys need anything never hesitate to call. Were here for you. I'm here for you. You are a true blessing in my life and I wanted to thank you for that. So hey, thanks!
  12. Galvez Reply
    Praying for ya dude!
  13. Natalia Reply
    Hi Kenny, I miss you, and we are all sending you many hugs and kisses from me and the kids!
  14. Joy Petescia Reply
    Kenny, we miss your smiling face at Capri Blue! You and your family are in my prayers. Please continue your courageous fight against this bad cancer. Oh how I hope your treatment works but in the meantime, get some well deserved rest.

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